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Here is another scam alert by this company ForeclosureFish. Poor guy has lost his home and the money as well.

foreclosurefish Showing the True Face of These Scamers

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Hello fellow Americans. As we have seen foreclosures are increasing in record numbers all over America now a days than ever before. 2 years back I was facing one too. God knows how much I loved my house. It was a dream house to us. But one day we ought to know the house is under foreclosure. We tried tried and tried, but the lenders wont listen. Then one day my husband used internet to see if there is some help we can get and found a company named as ForeclosureFish. We were in contact with them and we paid them their fees several times. In the beginning they were always available and all of a sudden they just vanished and refused to provide us with the documents that we were asking about our case. Not only this but they told us to transfer the property to them and they can handle everything. In the end we lost everything, the house, our dreams and huge amount of money that we paid to them as their services fee. Back in few months I have been on a research to gather all the victims of their fraudulent activities. If you are a victim of this SCAM COMPANY FORECLOSUREFISH. Please contact me ASAP and we will raise voice against these predators. Below are some of the proofs I have collected.

ForeclosureFish Scam

Stop Foreclosure Scam Company

Stop Foreclosure Scam Company (

You see how innocent people are regret the moment they contacted this company and how this stop foreclosure scam company did damage to them. Beware!